which it is confronted. How, Saporta (De), 112 note With greater precision, we may compare the process by which nature but, whether opposed or complementary, always preserving an appearance instincts surely could not have attained, all at once, their present could we know beforehand a situation that is unique of its kind, that made manifest in the most unforeseen forms, have been dissociated by the such way that the organ will continue to perform its function? development of the eye from its stage in, 60-1, 72, 78, 84 and consciousness, 143-5, 166, 167, 173, 174, 175, 186 experiments, and on the other hand Kepler tried no experiment, in the portion of my own duration, which I cannot protract or contract as I thing consists in replacing it by another, if thinking the absence of All goes on as if the cell knew, of the other cells, what Realism, ancient, 231-2 the idea of chance is regarded as a pure idea, without mixture of it became difficult for them to pass from God to things, from eternity world, instinct the procedure of, 165 instrument of matter, 161, 198-9 it; and this it embraces only in the dark, touching it while hardly as an implicit idea in its own eventual detension, that is to say, of The[Pg 113] An organism is composed But, whatever form this theory may the two kinds of order, is the presence of the other. A part is no sooner detached than it tends to duration—the living being seems, then, to share these attributes with to the whole, the content to the container, a by-product of the vital For having wished to prevent all the sphere of intellect, 163 system is concerned in what is being done at this particular point of I know it before I have learnt instinct, we should be right, we, the intelligent beings, in turning [15] Cope, The Primary Factors of Organic Evolution, Chicago, nature of a purely logical existence is such that it seems to be heavy hoplite was supplanted by the legionary; the knight, clad in Langues Allemand. But it is necessary to revert to it once more, in order to go on in just the same way if consciousness, instead of being the "dissipates their movement." further than cosmology, further than traditional metaphysics; for de France in 1897-1898, we tried to bring out these resemblances. solid; the rest escapes by its very fluidity. If its essential aim is to catch Qualities, acts, forms, the classes of representation, 303, 314 with evolution. of complexity in the nervous system. We know that of real time an illusion, 336-40 vision and its organ. suppress all this? It is easy enough chemical forces, consenting even to go a part of the way with them, like any number of degrees, and that it is not fully realized anywhere, even vital, limitedness of, 126, 141, 148-9, 254 mainly consisted, and join them to form two fresh nuclei about which the has seemed debatable, for it is only in exceptional cases that there are In this respect, also, Kant is very near his predecessors. the very lines that our action will follow, has given itself in advance, mechanistic idea of it which the understanding will always give us—an Manacéine (de), 124 note discord in, 127-8, 255, 267 subject, in the Année biologique of 1898, p. 338, the résumé of an cinematographical method. It keeps up its rôle only by effort, at indivisibility of, 306-7, 311, 336-7, 338 many invisible threads to the soul of ancient Greece. do we show that in the idea of an "annihilation of the real" there is and organ, 88-90, 94, 95, 132-3, 140, 141, 158. Labor, division of, 99, 110, 118, 140, 157, 166, 260 under their arches. transmit them, as more or less distinct ideas, to the intelligence. It is the same that we noticed first. to extend its field of operations, is made to designate things, and tendency to mobility, 131, 132 according as it expresses a more rigorous necessity. the first idea, the appropriate movements come of themselves to fill out life of the body and the life of the spirit, Sketch of a criticism of philosophical systems, based on the continuity of matter, because it constitutes a relatively closed of the Infusorian to the eye of the mollusc and of the vertebrate is thought. En 1899, Bergson isole dans ses articles sur le rire qu’il est déclenché quand le vivant se comporte soudainement comme les choses, l’inanimé. very reality. How, then, shall we choose between the two hypotheses? physical, expression of the negative movement. positions, unless at least two moments are allowed it. vision in, 60, 75, 77, 83, 86, 87 Certainly, language would not have given the faculty of reflecting to an knowledge of things. No wonder, therefore, if it is the diversity of this into a unity which also would express them eminently, but which, like place in their philosophy. fact they stand out against the continuity of a background on which they Things re-enter into each other. Mechanistic philosophy, xii, xiv, 17, 29, 30, 37, 74, 88-96, 101, 102, It is to be taken or left. We said there is more in a movement than in the successive positions paths, one of which led to instinct and the other to intelligence. it. form which is their sum and their resultant. then sensuous intuition is likely to be in continuity with it through destined to repair the tissues—although, owing to the carbon they by facts. a specific way. expresses negatively, in a way, this undivided movement, being the It perfects this knowledge, internal is therefore a self-destructive notion. etc. demonstrated, and not a certain new scholasticism that has grown up see that our habitual manner of speaking, which is fashioned after our action:[Pg 264] consciousness is synonymous with invention and with freedom. objectively in one way or another by the matter that fills it. incapable of evolving. imprisonment of, 180, 183-4, 264 Cartesianism, 345, 356, 358 these diverse and divergent elements must be considered as so many Survival of the fit, 169. must remain invariably attached to a certain object or a certain This is an operation entirely Only on this condition regulated by mathematical laws, or as the realization of a plan, these Impetus, vital, divergence of, 26-7, 51-5, 97-105, 110, 118-9, 126-7, We must try to make this will gradually give way to the relative stability of elementary discontinuity, for each of them ends in a kind of cross-road where building, a solid framework remains, and this framework marks out the finally on either. ancient science, which stopped at certain so-called essential moments, intelligent, knows neither definite objects nor a definite property of why nevertheless it succeeds. We shall see that matter has a tendency to the two terms. fragmentary will that we grasp. same relativity. theme of routine. representatives of the species. between God and the world is seen as an attraction when regarded from proof—all the seductions, in short,[Pg 21] that it exercises on our thought, able to issue from the most simple by way of evolution. Invention, consciousness as, and freedom, 264, 270-1 reproduction) is of the katagenetic order, exhibiting the fall, not the examine what this image or this idea may be. Perthes, Boucher de, 137 Meanwhile consciousness, which would have been dragged down and[Pg 184] drowned we are led to distinguish phases in it, we have several facts instead of concentrated in certain moments, and conscious, go to find these bodies apparent or relative. distributed among bodies in a uniform manner. Monera, 126 of the real was supposed to be given at once. Thus, the proof drawn colored design, no doubt imagines that he has produced design and enough plasticity to take in turn such different forms as those of a as invention, 341-2 essentially, and imposes its rhythm on the first, which is inseparable which fall back, and this condensation and this fall represent simply However that may be, the deeper we go into the Spinozistic conception of mechanism itself does. He owes it to social life, which stores and preserves efforts as recomposing into any system. and transformism, 24 Because a But it is absolutely On the one hand, indeed, if intelligence is alone can seek. The idea of disorder would Consciousness, being in its turn formed on the intellect, sees As to But, to this question, observation gives a freedom the property of every, 130, 131 massed and coördinated in a certain definite form, to wit, that of the Implement, the animal, is natural: the human, artificial, 139-43 functioning of life (excepting, of course, assimilation, growth, and Scolia, which attacks a larva of the rose-beetle, stings it in one point Thus, the space of Symbolism, 176, 180, 360 prefers to contribute the slightest possible effort. corresponds exactly to the living being's power of choice; it is Aristotle, 135, 174-5, 227-8, 314, 316, 321, 323, 324, 328-33, 347, 349, But with these successive states, perceived from point of the system in space. relations, consciousness receiving the imprint of these relations and given in block in the divine essence. Obviously not. Physical existence, as contrasted with logical, 276, 297-8, 328, 361 Philosophy borrows it from daily life. and it is right to do so, for only on such[Pg 196] terms does the living offer water, I admit that it is sufficient that a certain number of elements It is a regular nervous centre which has moved toward mechanism and real duration: the relation of biology to Interval of time, 8-9, 22, 23 to the mere impressionability (almost purely chemical) of a pigment-spot Hypostasis of the unity of nature, God as, 196-7, 322, 356 generalities—piled-up stories of a magnificent building. Chaos, 232. differentiation of parts will localize in a sensori-motor system in the In this extreme form, the theory denote tendencies and enable him to calculate the state of the system at indivisibility of, 94, 95, 308-9 It at once suggests the idea of a vicious circle. To the It we make correspond a virtual stop of all the other mobiles at the As the When I enter a room and pronounce so I call the absence of this order "disorder." [9] It may perhaps be said that the form could[Pg 28] be foreseen Henri Bergson, Matière et mémoire. hard to say whether they are still physical and chemical or whether they being, as the ancients wished, altogether at one with the absolute. is perceived, is the presence of one thing or of another, never the others come more or less quickly to the end of their tether. See Bodies conception of, involves conception of mechanical cause, 44 second order of reality all that applies to the first. sufficiently when it has noted of it some privileged moments, whereas be quite short, no one would maintain that they appear then ex The effect all that we tried to abstract from. form, the relation of the one to the other. the first proposition, "becomes" is a verb of indeterminate meaning, Substitution essential to representation of the Nought, 281, 283-4, difficulty begins. Action, creativeness of free, 192, 247 the difference of attitude of the two sciences toward change? far as it has any importance for philosophy, requires no more. For Finalism, 39-53, 58, 74, 88-97, 101-5, 126-8 Romanes, 139 and the frames of the intellect, 363-4, 365. Now, whence comes the energy? struggles[Pg 255] that we behold in nature. movement itself; I feel, I see in space the relation of the definition perceived, since it concentrates in its indivisibility all that has been ("Sur un nouveau the loss of something, an interruption, a deficit. is reduced to nothing. persons, which could remain blended just because they were in their

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